About Us

This idea doesn’t require initial funding. All that is required at the beginning, is to cover the cost of a hot drink.


The initial launch consists of unique cards that people are able to take into any of the participating Café’s and get a free drink. With the support of other organisations, this should get people out of their homes, into town, and talking to their peers.

As local support grows, there are increasing opportunities for regular activities including, Art, Pottery, Glass making, and Knitting, Men in sheds, Handbags and Hammers, Advocacy services and Citizens Advice sessions. We are asking for professionals from all services to volunteer and provide a presence 3 hours per month to support and offer advice to lonely, vulnerable or just to help in the Café providing tea and coffee and someone to talk to.

We will also set up ‘Pay It Forward’ in all participating businesses, and a ‘Just Giving’ page where we will ask for Just £1.50 to buy someone who may be lonely a hot drink. The idea is that if the main funding avenues run out, the project will always carry on a bit like an internet/community net of tea and coffee shops. This benefits both proprietor and customer. Help us beat loneliness and stigma, by encouraging more people to come into town and build a supportive network for everyone.

This is not new, or blue sky thinking. We are not trying to re-invent the wheel, just trying to make it the right vehicle to support our local community.